Monday, February 20, 2017

Spin the Bin 2017 Challenge

This year I decided to participate in something 'new-to-me' through the 'Completely Twisted and Arbitrary' group on Ravelry. It is a Spin the Bin Challenge.

This is the fibre I chose for the year. I picked out an assortment of fibre - some that I have had for a while, others that I thought would be a challenge and some that I just love to spin. There are a few rules, but basically you pick out at least twelve fibre bundles of at least 2oz to spin during the year. I also joined the 'Use It or Lose It' club, so that if fibre doesn't get spun it becomes a prize for someone that spun their whole bin (a good motivator to get everything spun).

This is all my fibre in it's bin (having a photo of the fibre in a bin gets me a free pass to exchange one of the fibres, otherwise if I take a fibre out I have to replace it with two bundles).

Here is what I have spun so far -

Tussah silk. This is the first time I have spun pure silk (it was much easier than I thought it would be, I think because it is Tussah silk it is easier than other silks to spin).

The finished skein - about 55g of fingering weight yarn.

I dyed it after spinning because I didn't know how it would be to spin if I dyed it first.

50/50 Merino and Silk. This is one that I had previously dyed.

Finished skein - about 50g of fingering weight yarn.

35/65 Silk and Superwash Merino that I had previously dyed (twice because it was too pale the first time).

The finished skeins - about 225g of sport weight yarn, enough for a short sleeve sweater.

This is an assortment of two types of silk and merino that I put together when I was getting the bin together, but I decided to add to it to spin enough for another sweater.

I also added this white flax that was already in the bin,

and added some more fibre to make a 'kitchen sink spin' (another spin along happening on Ravelry).

I dyed about half of the fibre,

divided it into two and drum carded it to make rolags (two different colours for each of the plies) - something 'new-to-me' too).

This is the yellow/green/blue fibre on the drum carder - I 'painted' the fibre on the main drum (again something 'new-to-me'). When I was dyeing I chose the colours to compliment the already dyed fibre (blue wool, black silk and blue Tencel).

The finished skeins - 429g, about 820yds of DK weight yarn,

plus a small skein made by plying with a rayon sewing thread (something else that I tried for the first time).

All the finished skeins together. I am half way through the bin, and hope to have it finished before the start of Tour de Fleece in the summer. Here is a link to my Spin the Bin on Ravelry where I go into more details.

I have been sewing too -

A few new mug rugs (more on these later in the year).

I added to my Welcome Home Mystery quilt - from Kathleen Tracy.

I have also started quilting my Westering Women quilt. I have done all the stitching in the ditch and FMQ'ed the border, now I have to decide what to quilt on the blocks.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!♥︎


momto1 said...

I don't leave comments often enough, but I do love your work. That blue/green skein is truly beautiful, and I can see the urge to take up spinning coming on, but I'll resist for now. Your mug rugs are adorable, and I'm anxious to hear the story behind those. Thank you for sharing your work!

Carole S.

Lucy said...

Love to see your spinning. and the two pictures before and after on your other block. The wooden bin is perfect!