Monday, July 13, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015

Every summer, during le Tour de France, Ravelry hosts a different kind of spinning event - le Tour de Fleece. This year it runs from July 4th to 26th. There are many different groups/teams to join, some with prizes, but all for the joy of spinning.

Over a week ago I started spinning this fibre -

About 900g/32oz of natural light Merino (from Fibre Detours).

Spun up into 7 skeins of DK/Worsted weight yarn. Total is 883g/31oz and 1214m/1,328 yards. Ravelry project page here for more information.

The yarn is a 4 ply Cable yarn (two, 2ply yarns are plied together).

This makes a hard wearing yarn that is perfect for cables. The yarn is so soft.  I plan on making a cable sweater/cardigan.

After all that beige I am thrilled to be spinning some colour!

BFL wool that I dyed a gradient last week. About 60g/2oz.

first bobbin/ply

I am making a 2ply, lace weight yarn.
My goal for Tour de Fleece is to spin enough yarn that I can put my wheel away, and have enough yarn for several knitting projects in the fall.

I have to add some garden photos -

vegetable garden
San Marzano tomatoes starting

This past weekend we made a rhubarb leaf bird bath (tutorial link I used found here), it came out better than I hoped and was so easy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!♥︎


Raewyn said...

I'm impressed at all the wool you have spun so far - well done! The four ply is an interesting look. I love the idea of using the rhubarb leaf as a mould for the bird bath, what a neat idea. Happy spinning!!

Lucy said...

I'm impressed too. My knitting skills are growing and I'm almost ready to use the yarn you send me. I'm growing into fiber too. I went to a weavers market and saw lot's of hand spun and nature dyed yarn.
Maybe one day I'm spinning too.......

Quilt Rat said...

Wow! Absolutely LOVE seeing these yarns you have spun......every time I come here I want to grab my needles and get knitting.

Ann said...

I'm knitting a scarf because of you. Haven't knit in years and was never good but enjoying it anyway.

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