Monday, July 27, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015 Results

The Tour de Fleece ended yesterday and these are all the yarns I spun in the past 3 weeks.
I spun almost 1.5kg/52oz (over 3 lbs) of fibre and ended up with 3,491 m/3818 yds (almost 2 miles) of finished yarn (with singles and plying that adds up to 13,858 m/15,155 yds of spinning!). I have enough yarn for knitting projects for the rest of the year.

I showed the sweater yarn last post and here is the rest of the yarn I spun -

The BFL I dyed a gradient (all these next yarns are ones I dyed too),

ended up being 54g, 366m (about 2oz and 400 yds) of lace weight yarn.

Dorset Down wool,

96g, 370m of fingering weight yarn.

This fibre I blended into rolags-

and spun into this yarn -

143g, 484m (about 5 oz and 530 yds) of fingering weight yarn.

 Black merino and pink BFL,

spun into - black merino - 53g, 170m, pink BFL - 55g, 126m of 3 ply fingering/sport weight yarn for a fair isle hat.

I couldn't resist dying another gradient, this time Polwarth wool,

it came out to 54g, 466m (about 2oz, 500yds) of lace weight yarn. Probably the finest yarn I have ever spun - I was thrilled with the results, it is so soft.

The last one is Shetland wool,

101g, 325m of fingering weight yarn.

The TdF was a good experience but I was glad to put my spinning wheel away yesterday! I will be glad to get back to some variety in my creative time.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!♥︎
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