Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ostrich BOM

Here are my latest Ostrich block - 

four Churn Dash blocks (6" blocks).

There are a few more blocks to go (I think the BOM finishes in March), but I have decided I want to make a small 'random sampler' quilt (I am sure this style of quilt has an official name).

I used a quilt that was about the same size as the one I want to make to lay out the blocks on, to get an idea of how the blocks will go together. I am supposed to have an appliqué block, but I am waiting until the end to make one as a 'filler' block.
A few of us started making this BOM, but I think I might be the only one making it now, so thank-you Myra for still organizing this BOM!
It is fun because we are just given a block name or a shape, and we get to interpret it any way we want.

This is my latest home spun wool -

190 grams of worsted weight (about 14WPI) wool that I dyed earlier in the fall.

Here are the fibre, single ply bobbin and first skein all together. I tried Navajo (chain) plying for the first time to keep the colours clearer.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Sheila said...

Your sampler is looking great , and I love the sweater in your previous post !

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great looking blocks

Vivian said...

Years ago I found one person who gave a name to an arrangement of different types and sizes of blocks, which fit together to create one unified piece. Carolyn Beam, an associate editor for "Quiltmaker" magazine back in 2006, called it a "country set." I started her country set sampler quilt a few years ago, with part 1 of 3 published in the Sept/Oct 2006 issues of Quiltmaker. Your blocks look great. I'm sure you'll get your "country set" quilt done before I finish mine.

Raewyn said...

They are looking great laid out together. 'Country set' sounds good to me :-) Lovelovelove your wool!

Karen said...

Love that star and Dresden plate. Looks like a fun BOM to do. Your yarn is gorgeous as usual.

Myra said...

Your Ostrich is coming along nicely Joanne! There are about 5-6 of us, that I for sure know of doing the project... I think we will do a show and tell in April...