Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve by eating traditional tourtière , with baked potatoes and salad

playing games,

This game is Blokus, a fun strategy game.

Sitting by the fire -

this is on the TV - some people don't have this TV channel that shows a fireplace and plays Christmas songs!
We also watched Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special (lots of Canadian traditions this evening!).

I am off to play more games - ping-pong and Rock Band. We are planning a relaxing, family Christmas.

I just wanted to show a few things that I did this week -

This is an entrelac neck warmer that I knit.

Entrelac knitting is made of little boxes. It is much easier than it looks.

I made it from this merino wool that I dyed and spun. More details on Ravelry.

I also spun my first skein of singles yarn this week.

It was made from a bunch of little bundles of different fibres that I hand carded into rolags.

This is a little wall hanging that I am machine quilting for those who think I have given up quilting (it is just really cold in my basement where my sewing room is - we have been having -30C temperatures recently). This is made with fabric I dyed last winter. I just have the background left to quilt.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful Christmas!


Colleen G said...

Merry Christmas to you too; my son just arrived from Winnipeg and said he thought our -18 was downright balmy and promptly gave up wearing hat and gloves. I discovered a variety of fireplaces on Youtube that gave me a chuckle since we have neither cable nor satellite. Hope it warms up soon to make your sewing room more a place to hang out.

Sue SA said...

Merry Christmas! So interesting to see how others celebrate. We have enjoyed cold meats, seafood and salads for lunch today, kids swam in the pool, it's 30 something C outside and I am ready for a nap! Sue from South Australia.

ruby said...

Your tourtiere looks delicious. Had to look it up to see what it is. Sounds good.I like your idea od sitting in front of fire place knitting. My granddaughter wants to learn to knit. Raverly has some nice patterns.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I guess that fireplace doesn'y keep the sewing rm very warm! I love your Knitting, and your quilting.
personally I'm a very SLOW knitter.... VERY slow!

Tamara Hampton said...

I am fascinated with meat pies!! What is yours seasoned with? I am from michigan where we have little pastries filled with meat and potatoes. I now live in east texas and there is the natchitoches meat pie which is meat only but very spicy... so what do yall season yours with???

Radka said...

It is interesting to read how people in different countries spend their Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

zenuwpees said...

J'adore toutes vos creations bonne fin d'annee Marie-Claire

Dora, the Quilter said...

Your quilted piece is gorgeous; of course, I love your yarns too!

Nancy said...

We have meat pies every Christmas Eve also at my brother's family gathering. Mom makes them; and I am lucky enough to get one put together but unbaked to bring home and bake the day after Christmas. So good!
The fireplace w. Christmas music sounds wonderful!
I have only ever knitted and crocheted with Red Heart yarns; so it is my goal to make a project using better quality yarns in the future.
Happy New Year!!

Joanne said...

Hi Nancy, You are a no-reply blogger and I couldn't find another way to reach you, so I am hoping you will read this! It is wonderful that you have the same tradition. I have never used Red Heart yarn, but I agree with you about using the best quality in anything that we do - life is too precious to waste our time. All the best! Joanne

Raewyn said...

It's always interesting to see other traditions! Hope you had a wonderful relaxing Christmas - and that the basement is warm enough at times to get a little more quilting done! That knitting is awesome!!

Joan said...

Its been wonderful to me to see what you have been busy with throughout the year... With all those cold days - I am expecting some snow dying?? :) To you and all your family... Have a really happy New Year