Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Year of Small Quilts of the Month

I finished my year long project of a small art quilt a month - 

Each little quilt (6"x8") represents something that happened that month.

This is the November one -

It is a piece of my hand dyed fabric with snowflakes that are peyote stitched beads, plus a small hammered wire swirl. I made a lot of jewelry in November.

For the December one I tried a new-to-me technique from a Craftsy class (Playing with Curves with Ann Petersen). I took a couple of Craftsy classes this month, and learned some wonderful new things.

Now I have to decide what I want to make with these quilts.

I originally thought I would join them into a book,

but I also like the idea of joining them together into a wallhanging. I might just leave them as a pile on the shelf, at least for now.

I tried another new-to-me technique this week, double knitting -

You knit/purl the front and back stitches in pairs, and reverse the colours to create the two sided, reversible pattern.

The finished piece is supposed to be a head band, but when I washed it, to block it, it grew so wide! I have had this problem with Paton Classic Wool before - it tends to get short and wide, I should have known. I am going to try to felt it a bit in a regular load of laundry, maybe it will become something useable.
The pattern was lovely to knit and I am going to try it again later with some hand spun wool.
The pattern is the Duvino head band, from the Craftsy Class Adventures in Double-Knitting with Alasdair Post-Quinn. 

There was a fabulous Craftsy sale for Thanksgiving and I bought a few classes that I had been interested in for a while, just waiting for a good sale. I am trying to ration them out over the next little while. The Playing with Curves and Adventures in Double Knitting were wonderful!

I am adding this picture to show what -30C (-40C windchill) temperatures can do - a water main break, causing havoc with traffic.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


annlp said...

So glad you enjoyed the class - I love to see what you are quilting everyday! The little piece is wonderful!
Ann Petersen

Audrey said...

I always enjoy seeing what you are doing. You have taken a few knitting Craftsy classes that I have been looking at. I have a couple of knitting projects to finish and then I can get to them. As for your art quilts I think they would make a fabulous wall hanging.

Karen said...

Congratulations Joanne on your mini quilts. They are beautiful!

Raewyn said...

A year full of memories! Your art quilts look great together. Your headband looks good even if it's not quite how you imagined! Sounds like I've got some more classes to do :-)

Barb said...

was fun to see all your little calendar pieces -
The knitting is amazing!! beautiful

Susan Hook said...

Your mini quilts are lovely and a good idea too!

Debra Anger said...

Our temps are not that low but we have a huge one as well in Toronto, Dufferin and Finch busy section they are trying to clean up before rush hour.
About your we blocks, I have seen these made up into books that looks so awesome if you are going to pile them think of making them into a book then you can also detail why and what was put into each of the blocks on the back...just an idea

Joan said...

Great post - lovely to sew what you are up to. I am waiting to hear from Andrea in Victoria to see when I can put up some things on my blog. Its very quiet here without her...but she is happy and say how COLD it is in Canada...Wait till she gets to Whitehorse... :)
You are a very talented crafts-person.. IT WILL BE FROM 32c TO 39c THIS NEXT WEEK!!

zenuwpees said...

Les petit quilt et le tricot sont magnifique Marie-Claire