Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilting For Others

I did some machine quilt for others this week.

This is a wallhanging that my Mother made - the pattern is from an older Quilt Mania magazine, but she used her GO! for the smaller appliqué pieces (the Rose of Sharon, and Bird dies).

I quilted swirls and swooshes in the background, I also did some free motion embroidery for the vines, stems and leaves. My Mother will add beads. It is about 40" x 50".

This table runner is one that a friend made. It is a Hunter Star.

I did some pretty simple designs on it. The continuous curves in the stars are quilted with metallic thread by Marathon - a local company - I was told that it was really easy to free motion quilt with, and I was pleasantly surprised. I normally steer clear of metallic thread for FMQ, but this one was great - I didn't change the tension and used a regular universal #80 needle with no problems.

You can see the quilting better from the back, some holly and ribbons because it is for Christmas.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Gramma Quilter said...

Awesome quilting. Love the applique.

LiahonaGirl said...

Awesome quilting! I'm amazed at what you can make your machine do -- from swirls, to straight-line quilting, to continuous curves, etc. I'm getting better doing this on my newish Handi Quilter longarm, but I think it's much harder on a sewing machine. Thanks for sharing!

Lesley said...

Fabulous quilting as usual! You and your mom are so very talented!

Barb said...

Your mother's quilt is wonderful and your quilts adds a lot of interest.
great table runner too with lovely quilting -

ANudge said...

Fabulous quilting, Joanne!

Lady Locust said...

Have to say, "Just found you & your blog is fabulous!" I just became your latest follower:) What beautiful quilting you do, and some of that wool is just delicious looking.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh yes, the quilting on your mom's wall hanging reminds of how the breeze would be swirling around the birds up in the tree branches!!

Great quilting on everything!