Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blocks of the Month

I finished all my blocks of the month today (nothing like waiting until the end of the month!).

These ones are for my online quilt group - we are working on a quilt called Pieces of Time by Lori Smith.

Here are all my blocks so far.

This block is part of an Ostrich Block of the Month with a local quilt group - this one is a Square in a Square, I chose a 9" block from EQ7.

This BOM is fun because there are no patterns, just an idea every month, so we get to make what we want.

This one is my Art Quilt of the Month. It is supposed to represent the tulips growing before the snow melted in the garden. I tried appliqué this month - I used Glue Baste to attach my pieces before quilting. This one was inspired by a friend who is also working on Art Quilts of the Month, she recently made some beautiful little quilts that can be seen on her blog - thanks for the inspiration Susan!

I was very surprised to see the tulips growing last week, but now the rabbits have eaten them all - I guess they thought it was a pretty long winter too and are glad to have something fresh to eat. 

Here are my four art quilts so far - they are all 6" x 8".

The snow is really melting, just the deep drifts left, but warm days are on the way! As I am writing my husband is taking the snow tires off our cars, another good thing!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Lesley said...

Joanne, your blocks are so wonderful! Love to see the latest block finishes. Well done!

susan said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments! I am honored that you would show my art quilts! I loved the idea of the tulips and love what you did in your art quilt. So sad that the rabbits ate them. (reminds me of the excuse children use that the dog ate their homework...LOL) least the tulips are recorded in your art quilt....
Take care!

Raewyn said...

Good to see you keeping up with the blocks! Isn't the quilt going to be great?! I love the colours you are using for the ostrich quilt ;-) it seems very fitting that you do the tulip for your little art quilt - I know you will be enjoying the onset of warmth!

Joan said...

OK - you have done well!! I think I will be late with mine. I will let you know which block to do next on Wednesday :) My Studio should be in order by then! HA, It is at last becoming cool here...just lovely mild days ...but rain will be here then for a few days.

Myra said...

Your Ostrich blocks are looking good so far Joanne!! Awesome!! This month - Circles...