Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready for More Machine Quilting

Today I prepared the hexagon quilt for machine quilting.

All layered, pinned and ready to go!

I even cleaned my sewing machine -

I use a small paintbrush to clean through the hole in the bobbin holder (I turn the wheel a little bit to clean in a different area - the bobbin case has been removed).
Charlie from Qubee Quilts recommends cleaning your machine after 4 to 6 hours of sewing - definitely not something I do, although I clean it often - I am going to have to remember to do it more often.

I joined some batting to get a big enough piece for the hexagon quilt.

This is the first time that I have joined batting with my sewing machine.

I used a type of feather stitch, and it worked really well - better than when I hand stitch it.

I am using cotton batting, and am probably going to do an allover quilting pattern, maybe leaves and loops (my favorite!) with red Aurifil.

Yesterday I picked all the tomatoes (we had our first frost last night), here are some of my favorites. I like to grow heirloom tomatoes. The large ones at the top are Brandywine (two are joined together), the orange ones are Nebraska Wedding (my favorite - the texture is creamy), an Oxheart on the right, the green ones (they are ripe) are Green Zebras (nice tangy flavor - but not too acidic), and the little ones are black cherry and yellow pear tomatoes. Nothing like garden fresh tomatoes!!

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!!


Charlene S said...

Your tomatoes are lovely. Mine died from the 100 degree heat in August. I was told to clean my machine after every two bobbins of use. So I fill 2 bobbins and when they are gone, I clean! It is an easy way to remember.

Wendy said...

I like the way Charlene remembers to clean her machine. I usually clean whenever I change the needle. But I admit I stretch that a few hours past the suggested 20.

Laura said...

I always clean the bobbin area at least every couple of days, it's amazing what builds up in there after hours of heavy-duty free motion sewing! Cleaning and changing the needle frequently are the best ways to keep your stitching problem-free.

What type of machine do you have? The bobbin area looks just like mine, and mine is a Pfaff.

Karen said...

Beautiful quilt! I'm excited to see your quilting on this one.
I just joined batting scraps for the first time the other day too. Used a zig zag stitch which seemed to work well but good to know the feather stitch works too.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a cute quilt! Thank you so much for sharing about quilting - I was excited to see more - hope you'll show us how you do the rest! And, those tomatoes look delish! Can't wait to see your quilting!

Cyndi said...

Love your hexagon quilt, Joanne. I hope you post photos after you have it quilted.

I have a Viking sewing machine and when I purchased it the saleswoman told me to clean the bobbin area after every two projects. I've had the machine for almost two years now and so far have kept up with that. It does make a difference in the sewing. I also change my needle after every project!

We have just a few tomatoes left, but will probably be pulling out the plants this weekend. It's quite a while before we have any frost, but the plants have suffered with the heat from the summer. We did get lots of fruit from them, though!



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