Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Another Type of Weaving

I have been wanting to try out card/tablet weaving for a while, and since there is a New-to-You Make-Along happening on Instagram I thought this was the perfect time.

I watched a workshop on Long Thread Media - Tablet Weaving Made Easy with John Mullarkey (he really did make it look easy). I cut up some old playing cards, punched holes in the corners, labelled them all ready for weaving. I am using the inkle loom.

I think like weaving on a regular loom, getting everything ready takes the longest amount of time. It should be fun.

I am up to towel #5 on the floor loom - this one will be all navy, then I will try out some striped towels.

I am working on the heels on the handspun socks.

I think she was hoping I had put some food on the floor.

I spun up another skein of yarn for socks.

We are still working on basement renovations. We had enough leftover flooring that my craft room storage room was able to get some nice flooring (it was just rough painted cement before).

Much better!

All the best!♥︎


Cheryll said...

I would LoVe to have that much storage space for my sewing bits & pieces... lucky you... & I am fascinated by your weaving...xox

Monica said...

That is a really nice handspun skein. Do you have a sock pattern in mind?

Raewyn said...

Your craft room/storage area look great with the flooring. And you are powering ahead with your projects - I'll be intrigued to see how the card weaving works out!!

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