Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Year

I feel like I don't have much to say these days, but I would like to get back into posting weekly about the things I have been working on.

The past little while our basement renovations have really progressed. I was able to unpack most of my sewing space! It is so nice to see things that have been packed for over 2 years.

I now have a really nice work space - bright, with lots of room for everything, plus a nice storage room for supplies. 

One of the first things I am working on is some more boucle hand towels. The loom now sits in a little nook, so it can just wait, ready for weaving.

I think I am finally through my knitting hats with leftover handspun and mohair phase. I finished two more hats (four altogether). They are all so soft, and very warm.

Photos from around

There has been some amazing hoar frost lately.
My son made a fire pit ring (he recently built a jig to curve sheets of metal).
We discovered that the cat loves musicals
(the Sound of Music wasn't the only one!).

All the best!♥︎


Lady Locust said...

Love your wall of minies :-) Happy New Year!
And your cat is a riot - heehee

Sharon Kwilter said...

I love your knitting. Those hats look nice and soft.

PaintedThread said...

Happy new year! That fire ring is wicked cool! Look at all those quilting projects. excellent! Does the cat like My Fair Lady, too? :-)

QuiltGranma said...

LOVE the fire pit ring your son made for you! Kitty is so cute, mine sometimes watches the tele too! Love all those little quilts on your wall in the sewing room too. Lovely hats, some I cannot wear due to tickly "feathers" on the knits.

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