Tuesday, March 31, 2020

More Tea Towels

I finished another set of tea towels.

This is from another kit from Jane Stafford Textiles - Sassy Brassy Tea Towels, made from organic cottolin (a 60/40 cotton/linen blend). These were for me to learn about log cabin weaving, and it turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be.
The kit made seven towels with plenty of extra yarn. Each towel is different (more details can be found on my Ravelry page).

These are how they looked fresh off the loom - about 7 yards. I still have a small section of fabric leftover, just have to decide what to use it for.

I made a braid on the inkle loom, for loops for the towel.

I don't need loops on the tea towels, I just love weaving them and think it looks neat to have a matching braid.

It just took a couple of hours to make about 40" of braid.

Photos from this week- 

Sunrise this morning.
Ice in the ditch.
Ice on the pond.
You can still see the ice under the water on the pond.
 The pets have been spending more time outside and getting used to one another 
(really the cat tolerates a nose pressing into her constantly).
Going for walks together.
The puppy waiting for her best friend to join her.
Molly watching a pair of geese.
Maggie walking through the water (dripping from her back foot).
She has her anti-predation collar on now there are more birds around.
A pair of geese on the pond.

All the best! Stay well!♥︎


QuiltGranma said...

Would make a beautiful scarf!

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Your woven tea towels are beautiful!!

Maria said...

More beautiful tea towels and I bet they are lovely to use...
Pretty braid, My DD would love them as she's in a re-enactment group and they use those braids to wrap around their legs..
Thanks for sharing your great photos.

PaintedThread said...

Ice on the pond is really cool! I love that thin, crackly ice youi found in the ditch. I loved to jump on that as a kid (and still do now). Your tea towels are lovely.

Sue SA said...

This pattern does not look easy to weave, but I know nothing about weaving! I really like the braid you add, definitely makes for a lovely finishing touch. So nice to have plenty of space to walk each day and get some fresh air. I am glad to live in the country, but more so right now as everyone tries to stay home and stop the spread of the virus.

Raewyn said...

More lovely tea towels and the braid looks so fun to make! Gorgeous photos from your walks - It's great to see Molly and Maggie tolerating each other a little better :-)

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