Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Japanese Sewing Patterns

This weekend I sewed a tunic-

The pattern is from this Japanese book-

The book is roughly translated as Basic Adult Clothes, and it contains all these patterns-

I bought this book in Japan for 1400 Yen - about $14 Can, which is about the price of one pattern here. The patterns come in four sizes - small to extra large.
I made this tunic-

With the collar from this dress-

As you can see the sewing patterns are super simple. I used the Google Translate app on my phone to translate the instructions.
I made some changes to the pattern-

I added pockets, which meant that I had to round out the points on the side because the tunic just didn't hang right.
The fabric is 100% cotton knit with little loops on the back. I used a ribbon to stabilize the seams (I bought a few rolls of ribbon for pennies at a fabric sale in the summer). I sewed the seams and finished off the hem edges with a serger.

I used a twin needles for the hems.

I love the collar.

The tunic is super fun to wear - oversized and pockets - a great combination! Of course it is so comfortable.
I have plans (and fabric) to make a few more things from the book.

Photos from around -

 While we were away my son took this photo of a fox - he said that it had been looking in the window when he came in the room.
 Geese flying south last week
 Miss Maggie never liked boxes before, but she seems to have found one she likes.
 Snow melting off the grain bins.

All the best!♥︎

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Sam I Am...... said...

I love those Japanese pattern books! they're style of comfort clothes is right up my alley! Yet they are very stylish! Your tunic turned out beautiful and looks so comfortable. Congratulations!

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