Monday, October 22, 2018

Another Quilt!

After moving I realized that I didn't need any more quilts, but I have fabric, love sewing and can't seem to resist the Temecula Quilt Company sew alongs! Last Friday I finished unpacking boxes and organizing my home, plus the TQC started a new sew along - it was just meant to be. A new sewing room and a new project!

This one is called Secret Santa Sew Along (I also love Christmas quilts). These are 12, 4" blocks from Step One.

Some people have asked me questions about the farm we bought - it is 12.5 acres. The previous owners were grain farmers - that is why there is a large machine shed, gas/diesel tanks and grain bins. They sold off the farm land years ago. We hope to start our hobby farm with bees, then chickens and hopefully a couple of sheep, and of course a large vegetable garden.

This is a panoramic photo my son took from on top of the tallest grain bin
It is lovely to walk around the on the dike surrounding the property (we are on the prairies and it is prone to flooding in the spring), the other day I scared (and they scared me!) 3 deer -

they quickly ran off -

I have scared a few more since then, but I am getting used to them.

Last week there was a Downy Woodpecker hanging around -

The sky is always amazing -


The moon reflected in the pond outside our property.

Moon reflected on our pond

One day last week it was quite warm and my son decided to have a very quick dip in the pond (it was frozen just a couple of days before) - 

This last photo was taken on the way into town -

The sky was full of geese!

All the best!♥︎


momto1 said...

Joanne, I love hearing about your new home. The prairie looks so very relaxing. As far as Quilts...don’t we always need another one???

Karen said...

Thank you, Joanne, for sharing your new home with us. It looks so amazing! I'd love to live where you are. And the quilt-along looks interesting; may just have to join in as well.

Sue SA said...

Ahhh I am trying to resist the temptation to join in the SAL, but glad to see you didnt! Now I can guilt free watch your sewing progress :) Great photos of your new farm, such a beautiful landscape.

Chookyblue...... said...

It's a beautiful spot..... Enjoy ....
So was it just a hobby grain farm or did they make a living off that. Sounds like you have some nice plans to work on.......

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