Monday, October 29, 2018

A New Weaving Project

During the summer I spun some yarn for a weaving project.

This is about 700g of fingering weight yarn made from one sheep's fleece that I had cleaned and combed for spinning.

This past week I dyed it. The top 4 skeins were dyed in a pot with all the same colours to make tonal yarns, and the bottom 5 skeins were 'painted' with dye to make variegated yarns. 

The variegated skeins were used in the warp (the yarn on the loom), and the tonal yarn is for the weft (the yarn being used in the bobbin to weave with). I am weaving this to make fabric to make something out of (I'll have to figure that out after weaving - so far it has come out different than I had originally planned).

This past week I also finished knitting a couple of pairs of socks made from the same fibre blend (80/20 Merino/Nylon), but each one spun a different way. The blue/purple pair are made from a regular 3 ply yarn and the orange/red pair are made from yarn that I spun with an opposing ply (I talked about it here).
It was an interesting experiment for me. Each one knitted differently (the opposing ply yarn was a bit unruly to work with - it seemed under spun but was twisty, the yarn was splitty, and it was also rough on my hands, but didn't feel rough), so it will be interesting to see how they wear over time.

The last two pairs brings my total of socks that I have dyed the fibre, spun the yarn and knitted to 8 pairs (that I can wear - I have made others from pure wool that ended up being too itchy for me, these ones are all a super wash wool - mainly Merino and a couple pairs with BFL, and nylon blend). When I first decided to start spinning over 5 years ago I imagined that I would make yarn for socks, and it took quite a while until I could make a consistent sock weight yarn.

All the best!♥︎


Margie Crewse said...

I have been sitting in the back of the class for years reading your blog and not say anything but recently started knitting socks again. Love the heel on yours and wonder what pattern it is. I knit toe up and an trying the fish lips kiss heel but at the time having trouble understanding instructions. Love the look of the one on yours.

Karen said...

Love all your beautiful yarns! I'm curious...once you have your sheep on your new farm, do you plan on using the wool to make yarn and perhaps sell your beautiful socks? I'd be in line for a pair, for sure. It's hard to keep my feet warm during these cold Canadian winters, and wool socks work the best for me.

Chookyblue...... said...

You have achieved well...... Slowly but surely it's done......