Monday, May 14, 2018

Knitted Bracelets

This past week I was given a small amount of dog hair from a friend who has Kerry Blue Terriers, to try spinning it. The fluff was easy to spin (the yarn soft, with a nice shine and halo), and since she is not a knitter, I wanted to make her something with the yarn (I only had a little 9g skein).

After a search online I found a knitted cuff from a Craftsy class "Knitting with Beads with Laura Nelkin". The pattern is Pioneer Cuff by Laura Nelkin, a super quick knit, and part of my Year of Craftsy.

I had so much fun making it that I had to make one for myself out of a leftover bit of handspun.

Now I am making myself another beaded bracelet (this one is inspired by another Laura Nelkin bracelet). I am using some handspun linen. Hooked on knitting with beads!

I finished a couple of other things this week - 

A skein of yarn for socks (this is a merino/nylon blend that I had dyed).

I also finished the pillow I made with the piece of embroidery my Dad made.

I put a long warp of crochet cotton on the loom to have something to weave over the summer. I am making this first table runner with leftover handspun yarn from the Granny Stripes blanket.

I just wanted to mention something that happened this week -

I ordered a couple of knitting books (both were highly recommend and I am really pleased with them),

but the box they came in had a big warning sticker. Maybe it is the digital/ebooks age, 2 books are considered heavy now!

All the best!♥︎
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