Monday, April 16, 2018

Appliqué Block and Yarn

This week I made a block for my 'orphan/leftover/abandoned projects' quilt. It is invisible machine appliquéd, and 16".

It is an Oak Leaf and Orange Peel block from Barbara Brackmans' book Encyclopedia of Appliqué.
I decided to make this block because I didn't want to make last month's block for the Antebellum Album Quilt Along on Barbara Brackmans blog Civil War Quilts - the block involved templates and Y seams, which although lovely just aren't for me.

Here are all the blocks I have so far as part of this 'leftover block' quilt project I am working on for the year.

This is the latest block from the 1880 Sample Sew Along from Temecula Quilt Company, to add to the other blocks (a 4" block).

Last Manitoba Fibre Festival I bought a little bag of sari silk (bottom in the above photo), and thought it was about time I try it out. I blended it with silk, kid mohair locks, merino wool (50/25/25 percent) and a small amount of gold Angelina (for sparkle).

The finished skein is 90g and just over 400 yards of fingering weight yarn.

The sari silk threads add nice pops of colour, and some of the kid mohair locks are still visible. It is so soft with a bit of a halo.

The next big spinning project that I will be working on will be spinning during Tour de Fleece (an online spinning event held during the Tour de France), July 7th-29th 2018. In anticipation, this week I skirted another raw fleece and started washing and combing it. This one is quite clean and amazingly soft. I'll wait and see how much spin-able fibre I get before I decide what kind of yarn to spin.

The Granny Stripes blanket is progressing nicely - it is now a square (50"x50") - I am hoping to have enough yarn so that it reaches 70". Thanks Sally - it really is a blanket now!

All the best!♥︎

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Edna said...

Hi Joanne! Great to see that you are still blogging! Love your hand spun yarn and the granny blanket is looking awesome too!