Friday, February 5, 2016

QAL Blocks and Dizing

I am still sewing 365 Challenge blocks (although I was tempted to leave a few out this week - 1/2" half square triangles are a real challenge!). There is an extra one this week because the pattern was published by mistake.

My blocks so far - all 3" blocks.

The third instalment of Circa 2016 blocks is 28 half square triangles.

The number of these blocks is growing fast - all 2+1/4" blocks.

I also tried 'dizing' this week.

It is a way to prepare fibre for spinning by pulling the fibre through a small hole (I used a button for this, but there are special diz tools).

This is how the fibre looked before spinning.

These are the odds and ends of wool fibre that I carded - some I dyed and some were commercially dyed (they are from a bag of Ashford mill ends).

I spun it into a bulky yarn,

for another felted bowl (this is the base).

I am almost finished knitting my scarf,

and I turned the heel of the socks and started the gusset.

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Sally said...

Wonderful wee 365 & 2016 blocks. Gorgeous yarn!

Cindy Rose said...

Your 365 block challenge blocks are so cute! I am still doing them, but got behind. We were out of town last week. Although I love working with little blocks, I, too, found the 1/2 square triangles a little crazy. I look forward to seeing your next installment of 3" blocks,

zenuwpees said...

Les blocks sont très belle bonne journée Marie-Claire