Thursday, February 11, 2016

Project Bags

I finished a few things this week, a couple of them are project bags for my knitting.

The first one is a bag using an old tutorial I posted almost 6 years ago (I am so glad that I blog, it was handy to have the pattern). The pattern is Little Drawstring Bag Tutorial. I made a larger version -

The original bag is in the above photo.

I used much larger rectangles of fabric (the lining one is pieced because I didn't have enough of the darker pink for the whole thing - the pieces are 11"x25" for the outer fabric, and 11"x15" for the centre of the lining and two pieces 11"x8" for the ends of the lining - so about 11"x37" for a one piece lining). I also wanted to add a simple pocket, and the join of the two linings was the perfect spot.

I just sewed two small rectangles (these were scraps about 3"x4.5") to the centre of two ends of the lining,

and then I joined the two pieces of fabric, sewing around the pocket, just like a pocket in a side seam in clothes.

 This became a lovely little pocket for holding stitch marchers etc.

The side seams are sewn.

I left 1/2" opening on the sides for the drawstring (last time the opening was too small and I had a hard time finding something that would thread through the casing).
For the bottom I sewed a 4" line (2" on both sides of the centre seam) across the corners -

This made a nice wide base that stands up well, and the top folds down easily (you can see the pocket in the above photo too). I didn't add any interfacing or batting to this bag because I wanted a project bag that could squish easily and not take up too much room.

My other project bag is a felted bowl, with two openings for yarn (for knitting two-at-a-time socks - I always have a pair on the go, and I thought they should have a nice home).

This was from yarn that I dyed, carded and spun last week.

This was before felting. More details of how I made this can be found on my Ravelry project page.

I finished knitting the Lintilla scarf.

This is from fibre I dyed, blended and spun too, it has lots of angora and is incredibly soft. My son called this my 'classic red and pink blend'.

These are my 365 Challenge blocks this week.

There was a blizzard last week that created some great snow drifts in the yard, although the "drift" that is taller than the fence was created by my oldest son so that he could drive his snow mobile right out of our yard and into the field behind the house (that is a 6' high fence).

cleaning time
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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