Friday, January 15, 2016

Keeping Busy

My stack of 365 Challenge blocks is growing nicely - these are all 3" blocks (so far I am enjoying the challenge of a block-a-day).

I have also been cutting out a fat quarter pack (24 FQ's of 'Ticklish' by Me and My Sister). The apple core and the tumblers were cut out using the GO!, and the little thimbles using a rotary cutter and template (I have cut out 200 thimbles so far and have lots of little scraps to cut). The apple cores will make a lap quilt and the tumblers a baby quilt, not too sure what the thimbles will make yet. I find that these three dies and templates are a fabulous way to use a fat quarter pack and there is very little waste. These will be charity quilts - I've cut the fabric, my Mother will do the piecing and I will do the quilting.

I just finished knitting a scarf - the pattern is Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier.

It is a lovely pattern to knit because there are sections of garter, stockinette, and reverse stockinette, plus different increases and decreases to create interesting shapes.

The yarn is Polwarth wool that I dyed and spun (lace weight).

Gradient dyed. When I mixed the dyes for this they were shades of dusty purple, so I was surprised that after steaming it came out shades of black and grey.

Now I am knitting another 'Lintilla' by Martina Behm. This is the yarn I spun at the beginning of the year - it has a lot of angora and feels so soft!

I also put a project of the loom - this will be a long term project. I am trying out Saori weaving - a free form type of weaving. It should be interesting.

I am using yarn that I dyed and spun for this project too. This is the first time I have used lace weight yarn for weaving.

The rabbits seem to enjoy all the trimmings from pineapples, but especially the tops.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Sally Hurley said...

Ooh, curves. And grey and pink. Very pretty. I look forward to seeing them progress!

Maxine said...

Hi Joanne, thanks for the heads up on another block a month quilt along . I'm doing the 365 day one and the Temecula blocks .
Much easier to sew when your retired.!
Hope you have a safe trip and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of my home land .