Tuesday, December 4, 2012

THQA 2012 Half Blocks

Depending on the layout you have chosen for the Quilt Along, you might need some half blocks. For the layout I have chosen I need 4 half blocks (the above picture is a rough guide of the layout). More layout ideas can be seen here.

I have chosen to make 4 - Half Nine Patches.

For one half block you will need -

Print A (mine is green) -

                          1 - 4+1/2" square, cut into four on the diagonals
                                        - you will only need three of the resulting triangles
                          1 - 2+7/8" square

Print B (mine is the brown/green print) -

                           2 -  2+7/8" squares

Remember cut accurately, scant 1/4" seams, press seams in opposite directions....

The half block will be sewn like the layout above.

Beginning by sewing the pieces into rows,

and sewing the rows together.

Finished Half Block.

All four of my half blocks.

Next week there will be more information on layouts for the blocks.

Thanks for quilting along and have a great day!

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