Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Block 1 THQA 2012

 We are starting the Quilt Along with an easy block.

A Variable Star with a Four-Patch centre (the Variable Star is one of my favourite blocks, so there will be a few more with different centres throughout the QA).

For this 7" block you need -

Print A (background, mine is the green striped)

           1 - 4+3/4" square - for the Fast Flying Geese (FFG)
           4 - 2+1/4" squares - for the corners of the blocks

Print B (mine is the orange dots)

           4 - 2+5/8" squares - for the Fast Flying Geese

Print C (mine is the green print)

           2 - 2+1/4" squares - for the centre Four-Patch

Print D (mine is the red print)

            2 - 2+1/4" squares - for the centre Four-Patch

I hope the 5/8" measurements don't scare any one off, most rulers have the markings on them.

Sew all the seams with a scant 1/4" and trim all the units for more accuracy.

Using the large Print A square and the 4 print B squares make 4 Fast Flying Geese (all the instructions are shown here).

Trim the units to 2+1/4" x 4" (my ruler has regular kitchen plastic wrap on the back to help prevent slipping).

Here are the 4 units.

Sew the 4 Print C + D squares together to make a Four-Patch.

I spin the centre seams to reduce the bulk, just give them a little tug on the bias and they should open up.

The centre is trimmed to 4" square (if it needs trimming).

Sew all the units and Print A squares like a regular Nine-Patch,

sew the pieces into rows.

I press the seams to one side, in opposite directions so that they will "nest" into each other.

Sew the rows together.

I like to pin the seams too.

When sewing the rows together I stitch just off the point of the FFG triangle,

this way it keeps the point on the triangle.

Trim the block to 7+1/2" (it will be a 7" finished block).

I am making 3 blocks each week, and I am trying to make the blocks look different with fabric placement.

This one has the same fabric for the background and one of the prints for the Four-Patch (thanks for the tip Wendy).

This one has the same fabric for the FFG and one of the prints for the Four-Patch.

All three blocks together.  I am trying to "step out of my box" with this quilt, maybe you will consider doing the same.

I hope that the instructions are suitable for all levels of quilting experience, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me (my email address can be found here).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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