Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Just Finished!

My One Monthly Goal for June was to make a pillow cover, and I waited until the last moment, but at least it is done.

My 85 year old father stitched the cross stitch pieces when he had to stay home because of COVID 19. The charts are from the book 'Répertoire des Motifs' by Valérie Lejeune. I have a few more stitched pieces, so some more projects in the future. This piece is going to his sister.

Thanks once again Patty (Elm Street Quilts) for the motivation!!

I did finish a couple of knitting projects this past month, but I can only show one.

This is the Sun Tea, a pattern by Laura Aylor, that I knit out of Lindy Chain from Knit Picks. The blue is some that I dyed with indigo last summer. It doesn't look much better on, and I find the linen/cotton blend a bit rough - maybe it will be better after a few more washes, it should be nice a cool though.
I also finished a pair of handspun socks.

Tour de Fleece (an online spinning event) started on Saturday, and I have big plans. I prepared some raw fleece (cleaned, combed, dyed and carded into batts), plus dyed quite a few commercial braids of fibre in anticipation of the event. I know I won't get it all spun during the tour dates - June 27th to July 19th 2020, but it is nice to have some fibre all ready for spinning. There are future socks (3 pairs), a cowl and a sweater all in that bin (it is also my 'Spin the Bin' challenge on Ravelry).

Nice, hot weather and the garden is really growing (the grass is not doing so well). 
I am so glad that it is summer!

All the best!♥︎


Tammy J said...

I love the work your father did. You finished it up nicely as well.

Patty said...

Lovely. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

PaintedThread said...

Love the pillow cover. The cross stitch work is really nice - I like the combination of the stitched portions and the fabric. Very cool. Your dad does nice work (as do you!). Portions of my lawn are black. :-( Most everything else is doing well, and the inch of rain we got this week is so welcome!

QuiltGranma said...

That pillow cover that your Dad participated in making will be a very nice gift for his sis.

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