Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilt Bucket-List & Knitting

Thank-you so much for all the kind comments on my Anniversary Quilt!!! I tend to forget how wonderful blogging can be!

As a word of encouragement, that quilt was much easier to make than I thought it would be. I kept putting it off until the last moment, and now I don't know why. I thought there would have to be lots of planning, marking, unpicking, struggling..., but really it was lighter than a pieced quilt top, I didn't have the restraint of seam lines to quilt within, I didn't break needles on bulky seams, I had the freedom to quilt the designs I wanted to, where I wanted to.... It was really a joy to quilt, it came out better than I anticipated, and it made all the 'practice' quilting I have been doing the past few years worth it. A whole cloth quilt was on my Bucket-List of quilts to make, and I am glad to have checked it off.

It looks like this outside my windows, so I did take the whole cloth quilt off my bed since it was just too much 'white'! I'll save it for summer.

I put the log cabin quilt back on my bed. A Log Cabin quilt was the first quilt on my Bucket List of quilts, I had been wanting to make one since I first started quilting seriously 7 years ago. It took me a while to collect a good assortment of light and dark fabrics to be able to make it (these are mostly reproduction fabrics). I made this one last year, and it is probably my favourite quilt. I made it for my son's room, but it looked better in mine, and I found a better one for him in my stash of quilts.
The next quilt on my bucket list is a double wedding ring quilt, I have the fabric and I am ready to go! What's on your Bucket List of Quilts?

Last month I also did some spinning and knitting.

I bought a 'fibre of the month' subscription from SweetGeorgia Yarns, and this was the January fibre (BFL and silk).

I divided the fibre into the different colours,

and spun it gradationally,

into this skein.

I knit a scarf/shawl with it. Although I just made it to the yellow, I am glad that I didn't make it any bigger, it is 2.3m/95" long and 40cm/16" wide. The pattern is Heaven Scent by Boo Knits, more details can be found here.

This is another Boo Knits shawl that I made last month -

The pattern is Sweet Dreams, it was a surprisingly easy knit, more details here.

It is made with lace weight yarn (Knit Picks Shadow), and it is the first time that I have knitted with beads (Matsuno Dyna-Mites 8/0) - easier than I thought it would be too....hmmm......

This next one I started spinning at the end of the month-

This is the February fibre (merino, silk and bamboo).

I spun it into a DK weight, 2ply yarn. It is the first time I have tried something with bamboo. It is lovely, soft and silky,

and knitting up beautifully. I am hoping to have enough to make my first hand spun sweater. It is top down, with short sleeves (might be very cropped if I run out of yarn!).
I joined the fibre of the month to get different colours than I normally dye, and these two have definitely been out of 'my box', I look forward to this month's (it is the last month of the subscription).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


momto1 said...

Holy smokes! You just get more and more inspiring!!! Your knitting is amazing. I loved your anniversary quilt, too, and can't believe you quilted that huge thing on your domestic machine. You're really motivating me to quit making excuses and get started quilting some of my tops. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Just a beautiful quilt and the quilting is just lovely.
With all that snow the whole cloth quilt would be just a bit much the log cabin !!
The poor trampoline is nearly buried alive.......that's a lot of snow....and for one (me ) who has never even seen's just unbelievable.

Joan said...

Beautiful work as always - I am amazed at the variety of things you get done. Really love to read what you have been up to.

zenuwpees said...

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