Sunday, October 13, 2013

Art Quilts of the Month

I finally got caught up with my Art Quilts of the Month!

This is the August one. We went on a road trip to Alberta at the end of August, and crossed the prairies. This little quilt was inspired by the views from the car.

This is a photo from Saskatchewan.

For September I chose an appliqué of a Gloriosa Daisy - they were blooming beautifully in the garden. It is invisible machine appliqué because I taught a class on it in September.

For October I painted a piece of fabric in fall colours, added leaves with metallic paint, and then stitched falling leaves.

Here are all ten quilts so far - the year is flying by! These are 6" x 8" mini quilts.

I was lucky enough to Skype with a friend this weekend while we sewed, and I made another hexagon.

This is a design by Mickey Depre.

Only three so far. I have no plans for these, I just wanted to try making hexagons.

I finished spinning the skein of wool that I hand dyed. It is almost 200g of fingering weight 100% wool. It is a gift for my Mom.

This was the first ply along with the fibre for the second ply - I love seeing how the dyed fibre spins into yarn.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Cathy said...

Your art quilts are fantastic. Hugs

Quilt Rat said...

Your mini art quilts are terrific! What great way to keep the creativity flowing. Are they all faced? I don't see any binding. That wool you spun is absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Very nice minis, such good inspiration.

Sherrill said...

Love your little quilts..of the 3 recent, my fav is the leaves. And your hexie is AWESOME!!

Raewyn said...

Nice to see a clear view of the art quilts :-)!! All so different! The hexies really do look good as well - another tempting project for me to try!

Barb said...

great art quilts. The landscape is wonderful.
The quilting on your flower quilt is wonderful!
Aren't the hexie fussy cutting blocks fun to do?
pretty wool!

zenuwpees said...

Les quilt sont tres beau Marie-Claire